Gemi 841 – wireless call system

Given that time is a precious resource that shouldn't be wasted, the Gemi 841 wireless call system is designed to reduce the response time of the waiters, bartenders and of the hotel staff and it brings you an ingenious, simple and efficient communication solution.





Waiter call system for restaurants, bars, discos and hotels

The Gemi 841 waiter call system is an assembly of Table Call Buttons, Pagers, Repeaters and Kitchen/bar/office stations which communicate through radio signals on a 433 MHz band. All the components of the Gemi 841 wireless call system work on the same frequency, set for every device of the system by a simple procedure. This feature of the wireless call system for waiters ensures a great interference immunity.

Promptness and respect in serving our customers - Gemi 841 waiter call system

The Gemi 841 wireless call system brings more elegance and comfort to the relationship between the customer and the staff at your service. Pressing a Table Call Button, discreetly placed, the promptness in serving the menu prepared in the kitchen or at the bar, the presence of the waiters only when they're called are just a few gains provided by the waiter call system in the public service establishments.



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